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About Literature / Artist madeleineFemale/Australia Recent Activity
Deviant for 12 Years
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Lady Muck
Lady Muck
Puffy eyes
Swollen gut
Torpid highs
Door is shut
Steaming sighs
Lack of luck
Weathered enthusiasm
Welcome to the suck
Itchy feet
Boredom – Concentrated
Disillusioned, Disembodied, disenchanted
Rigid thoughts
Body stuck
Convoluted course of
Lady Muck
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When will you come?
When will you come?
Lyrics Madeleine
When will you come to me?
I don't know…
When will you come to me?
Do you know?
I don't know…
When will you come?
Together we'll run
It could be fun…
When will you come?
Life's not so lonely, even when I'm on my own
But Hell! It would be lovely if you came around…
Life's not so lonely, even when I'm on my own
But it sure would please me to step on new ground
When will you come?
When will you come to me?
Hell, I don't know!
Life sure would be crazy,
A new circus show,
Now I'm not so lonely…
But still waiting for you to show
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Premature Exhaustion
This precious lace
Is all i have to cover my face
Its protection
as i try to embrace
encounters with others of this same common race.
It seems to me that their eyes have been stitched,
tightly closed they cannot see
But like this, they are glad to be...
"c'est la vie"
In my conversings with them,
their monologues - a monotone clutter
I cannot helo but be ridden with anger,
and so breeds this hateful bacteria - frustration
which quickly turns to stupefied horror.
It crawls through my intestines, my inner being
Creeping - a subtle disease
This ill feeling, this nausea, this histeria
Will soon have me wretching down on my knees
But even in this state,
This ill pleasure
I cannot help but to mock any surrender
to a society with such superficial and repulsive behaviour,
carefully concocted, for all its ultimate and easy pleasure
I want you RAW or NOT at all,
I'll remain a stranger while you have me rolling on the floor
from pure and complete frustration...
From you
From this
From them
I will
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Midnight ponderings
The silence spurred the emotion
Slowly etching upon
Her silver face
And no amounts of idle chat
Could neither divert nor erase
The thoughts, which like lace
Filled her mind
To a lethal lethargic state
"Time is not important.
To matted minds,
Nor is there such a thing as direct consequence.
It is existentialism.
We should never practice the theory of realism.
There is no reality outside our little bubble.
Even our perception is a point which is debateable!"
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The blizzard
The rushing current of my thoughts
Have frozen over
Leaving me to discover my journey in the burning cold,
Treading carefully so as not to crack the glassy path.
I'll carry on to see how long I'll last
This aching numbness,
Instils within me a careless madness
A nervous laugh…
I could not bear to stomach another of your monologues
So I ran to the arid country
Where the air is not clogged…
I've found that my digestion have been highly affected
By your deep psychological incisions…
This reflux will not leave me,
Nor will the nervous trembling of my hands
This delicate confusion
Is a blizzard.
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Sunshowers and Golden Rays
Today i bathed in rich sunlight
and while my skin absorbed happily
its warm and soothing ingredients
i drifted far away deep in thought
to snow covered regions
with long tailored coats...
and lively cafe terraces....
today i bathed beneath rich golden rays
and was sprinkled lightly with  sunshower rain
Such a moment is one to be sought our for eternity,
As i search for, and dream of genuine serenity.
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To all of you with filthy hearts
I invite you to come and pull yourselves apart
To reveal your common indecencies
Squirm with discomfort, speak with unease
Join the crowds as they scream out aloud
All the horrors caused on their behalf
Liberate yourself and feel alive
Trampling through the masses just to survive
To all you people who are pure and clean
To you this may seem a dirty and dangerous scene
As we strip ourselves bare and loudly scream
For salvation to come and make us beam…
They dance their souls away
Wearing their skin to bone
Sacrificing themselves they prayed
With tears of redemption that shone …
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Toxic friend you have lied to me again
Speaking with your deceitful tongue
Knowing you leave me here withering and numb
  Through your falsehoods you hoodwink the world,
Leaving them as prey to your forceful and manipulative hold,  
But I the exception am here to unfold,
The multiple layers and each lie you've sold
You are king to a land you don't own,
The screams of the people, are not cheers they're my groans
And as I sit here before you, charged with regicide,
You lie to yourself intoxicating me inside
Toxic friend, when will this end
When will this end my chemical friend
Intoxicated through your bitter lies,
You've poisoned me,
And I see through your eyes
Your succession in turning me to what I despise
Cover your lies it's you I despise, your chemical dominancy and epidemical tides
Cover your lies it's you I despise, your chemical dominancy and epidemical tides
Cover your lies it's you I despise, your chemical dominancy and epidemical tides
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Devour me and wrap me up
So that I can't see
This mess erupt
You and me
We're so abrupt
Can't you see?
The bond's corrupt
We've no more use
For this unfitted set up
So devour me and wrap me up
Away from the show ground
I don't belong
Away from this playground
Switch me to a different song
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Artist | Literature
Current Residence: My own little BUBBLE...
Favourite genre of music: haha..rock/alternate/raggae/dance/lounge/INDIE
Favourite style of art: simple/dramatic/reflective/abstract
Favourite cartoon character: The little Prince, Alice in Wonderland
Personal Quote: Many men are human beings above and fish below...
hello everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you are all having a wonderful time and seeing the beautiful side of life :D

take care and enjoy all that there can ever be to enjoy!

xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo :D


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